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Tolkien was brilliant at backstory.  Scratch the surface of any of his characters in The Lord of the Rings, and you can’t help but unearth an interesting, unique life story.  Sometimes those stories actually played out in the books themselves.  Sometimes they were only hinted at, but you could glimpse them and couldn’t help but be intrigued.

In fact, you could argue that the entire three volume epic was nothing but a delivery system for thousands of years of history and hundreds of interesting and richly-detailed lives.

That’s where I found myself in the last couple of days:  Backstory-land.

I’ve built long, detailed histories for the two major characters of the series.  You’ll get to know them pretty well, but I guarantee there will be far more of their lives that *I* know, that you’ll never get to see on the page.

There will be a cast of diverse and interesting characters, some human and some decidedly not human, but the two major characters are Magorian and Jones, or to quote their names in full:

Benjamin Ulrich Magorian III


Dr. Radford Michael Jones.

Today I saw the shift from worldbuilding and character building, into plotting for the first book.  (It’s very organic.)  I left off just before I got mired in plotting and tomorrow I’ll dive into building the first book and a potential series arc.

One of the things I’ll do tomorrow is also build a pair of mini-bios for the two major characters, above, and introduce you to them.  I won’t dash them off right now, but will develop them properly for you.

’til then.

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