July 2020

Catching up on Classics

I read both science fiction and fantasy, but growing up in the Australian outback, I had very little access to either of them.  So whenever I hear about a “must read” book in my genres, or a list of books that one should have read to call themselves well-read in that genre, I always feel a […]

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Open Access Art and Images

If you’re anything like me, you collect wallpapers for your computer and devices that are either full on fantasy, or fantasy-inspiring, like The Beeches, above. The Met has opened up a digital archive of images of artwork and museum-quality pieces of history, giving them Creative Commons licenses, which means they can be copied and used

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Hooked Ever Since.

Most of you by now are probably aware that I was hit between the eyes by The Lord of the Rings at a very young age, which was my first exposure to classic fantasy. However. Only a few months later, I discovered The Dark is Rising, by Susan Cooper. It is the second book in

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Hooked on Classics

Why did I become a writer?  The short answer:  Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Which is a pretty cliched reason for a speculative fiction author, but it’s utterly true.  Here’s the twist, though:  I was introduced to both story worlds in the same six month period. Phew! It was a watershed year, for

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