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Short Term Deals

Most of these are limited-time BookFunnel promos that feature free and discounted speculative fiction.  I’d keep this list to just urban fantasy, only most of the promos are a mix of both SF and F and can’t be separated.

Tip:  Check the dates at the front of the promo’s title.  If the start date is in the future, you won’t be able to access the page just yet.

– JUNE –

May15-Jun14 Magic & Rogues

Jun01-Jun30 99c & Free Paranormal & Fantasy Book Fair

Jun01-Jun30 FREE Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Jun01-Jun30 Free Urban Fantasy

Jun01-Jun30 Monsters & Aliens: June Fantasy & Science Fiction Giveaway

Jun01-Jun30 Paranormal & Fantasy Boxed Sets

May27-Jun30 Sci-fi and Fantasy Giveaway

May27-Jun30 SciFi and Fantasy Bargain Sale

Jun01-Jun30 Supernatural Law Enforcement

Jun01-Jun30 The Magical Month of June

Jun01-Jun30 Urban Fantasy Book Fair

Jun05-Jul06 Fantastic Heroines: Strong Women in Fantasy & Science Fiction Giveaway

Jun13-Jul13 Wild Worlds: Fantasy & Science Fiction With Amazing Worldbuilding

Jun15-Jul16 Free Fantasy Reads


Jun18-Jul18 Mythology Sale $2.99 & Under

Jun18-Jul18 Urban Fantasy Sale $2.99 & Under

Jun27-Jul31 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Bargains

Jun27-Jul31 Sci-fi and Fantasy Giveaway

Come back in early July, when I’ll have most of July’s promos listed.

I’ll keep this page updated as well as I can, but you’ll get more up to date information via my emails, so grab the short story and subscribe to get notifications about deals and freebies in your email inbox. – tc.