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Short Term Deals

Most of these are limited-time BookFunnel promos that feature free and discounted speculative fiction.  I’d keep this list to just urban fantasy, only most of the promos are a mix of both SF and F and can’t be separated.

Tip:  Check the dates at the front of the promo’s title.  If the start date is in the future, you won’t be able to access the page just yet.

DECEMBER (but still current!)

Dec01-Jan31 WIDE Urban Fantasy

Dec15-Jan15 Year’s End Science Fiction & Fantasy Giveaway

Dec26-Jan19 Complete Series Binge Bundles Under 10$ (starts Dec 26th)

Dec27-Jan31 Sci-fi and Fantasy Bargains

Dec27-Jan31 Sci-fi and Fantasy Giveaway


Jan01-Jan31 Brand New Urban Fantasy

Jan01-Jan31 Free Urban Fantasy Books

Jan01-Jan31 Paranormal and Fantasy Giveaway

Jan01-Jan31 Paranormal/Fantasy Sale Promotion

Jan01-Jan31 Sure Shot Fantasy

Jan01-Jan31 Creatures with Wings (Paranormal & Fantasy)

Jan01-Jan31 Demons in Paranormal & Fantasy Books

Jan01-Jan31 Starting the New Year with a BANG!

Jan01-Jan31 New Year, New Free Fantasy Books!

Jan01-Jan31 WIDE Fantasy & Paranormal Boxed Sets

Jan01-Feb01 January Fantasy & Science Fiction Giveaway

Jan01-Feb28 Urban Fantasy Book Fair

Jan03-Feb05 Paranormal and Fantasy Freebies

Jan05-Jan21 New Year Zombie/Apocalypse/Dystopian

Jan10-Feb15 Midwinter Monsters & Mayhem Fantasy and Science Fiction Giveaway

Jan15-Feb15 Urban Fantasy on Apple

Jan23-Feb23 Speculative Fiction

Jan27-Feb28 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Bargains

Jan27-Feb28 Sci-fi and Fantasy Giveaway

I’ll keep this page updated as well as I can, but you’ll get more up to date information via my emails, so grab the short story and subscribe to get notifications about deals and freebies in your email inbox. – tc.