Harley Firebird

Urban Fantasy Series

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Series Order

1.0: The Dragon of Falconer
2.0: The Orc Who Cried
3.0: The Shepherd of Fire
4.0: The Mad Folk of Falconer
5.0: The Badge of Our Tribe
5.5 Harley Firebird Files (Collection)
6.0: The Firebird’s Regret
7.0: The Angel Who Wasn’t
8.0 The Shield of Falconer
…and more to come.


Harley von Canmore is a firebird–a rare breed, even among the Old Races.  She is also the Chief of Police of Falconer, a tiny town in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.  Falconer is different, just as Harley is.  Everyone in the town is either one of the Old Races—orcs, fae, salamanders, and more—or they are human and waiting for their time to transform.

Harley learns how to uphold the law in a town where no one is acknowledged by the law, and must scratch out their existence in any way they can, while Harley also learns how to be an Old One herself.

The Harley Firebird series is a spin off of the popular Magorian and Jones urban fantasy series and is set in the same fantasy world as that series.


You can buy all the individual titles in this series that have so far been published in one special bundle exclusively at Stories Rule Press.

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