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  • A Contest to Watch — SPFBO
    There are many grand prix awards for fantasy writers, including the Aurealis Awards, the Australian grand prix awards for fantasy and science fiction, of which I am a finalist this year. There is also the Hugo and Nebula awards, and the Dragon Awards (with their lovely trophies). Most of the time, as readers, we’re not… Read more: A Contest to Watch — SPFBO
  • Fallout from World War I
    Atlas Obscura recently reported that some of the WWI battlegrounds in France, particularly around Verdun, still have great swathes of land, some of it larger than Paris itself, that are hostile to humans. World War I was the first modern war. Over a century later, we sometimes have trouble thinking of the Great War as… Read more: Fallout from World War I
  • May the Fourth Be With You
    It’s Star Wars Day, which times out nicely as my new post schedule is for Saturdays. Although you could be asking why a fantasy writer is talking about a science fiction franchise. I’m talking about it here because Star Wars is most often considered to be Science Fantasy these days, with its Force and other… Read more: May the Fourth Be With You
  • The Original Modern Fantasies.
    Read them right now, for free. Most casual readers of fantasy presume that J.R.R. Tolkien invented it. Not quite. Fantasy as an element of fiction has been around since history began, in all cultures and eras. The bible itself has fantastical stories, Greek myths are stuffed full of it, even The Arabian Nights tales are… Read more: The Original Modern Fantasies.
  • Unveiling the Tapestry
    Unveiling the Tapestry Real-World History’s Impact on Fantasy Worldbuilding I’m a history nut. I don’t know if every fantasy author is also a history nut, but a love of history must surely become a facet of fantasy authors’ careers the longer they write fantasy. We all pull from history for our worldbuilding, after all. History… Read more: Unveiling the Tapestry

I also write science fiction and romance.

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