July 2022

A Change of Pace

I always write these posts a little way ahead of when they’ll be published on the site.  I’m writing this post the day after typing “The End” on the newest Harley Firebird story, and I’ve been reflecting on the experience. After six novelettes, book 7, The Angel Who Wasn’t, is a full length novel, which changes the […]

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The Cracking of Civilizations

  Today, in 1789, the peasants of Paris stormed the Bastille, triggering a major historical event, The French Revolution. The consequences and effects of the French Revolution can be tracked through history — the American Revolution and the United States’ Constitution were built upon the ideas and concepts that emerged from the Revolution. The idea

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Fantasy Art Isn’t Really Art At All

“Dear Emperor” Fantastic Version by NextMars via DepositPhotosI came across this statement the other day: For the most part, quality fantasy art isn’t considered “serious” art by academia, but surreal art of similar quality is universally applauded. Why is that? — DeviantArt I admit that the attitude puzzles me.  All three of my kids would

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