They spelled it wrong!

Saw this the other day:

I had a good laugh — it’s been well thought out and nicely produced, which makes it even funnier.  (Who said the details don’t matter??)

But the first thing that struck me was that they made a spelling mistake:  You don’t spell “goblin” that way!!

Then my brain caught up with reality.  Of course that is how goblin is spelled in the Lord of the Rings universe.  In my Magorian & Jones and Harley Firebird world, they’re spelled “goblyn” and just to confuse things, goblyns are called orcs in North America.

I’m so immersed in that story world at the moment, writing the next Harley Firebird, that my subconscious editor “corrected” the poster.  🙂

Speaking of LOTR — the second trailer for Amazon’s Rings of Power dropped last week. Have you see it?  Catch it here.


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