Changes to The Site

There’s been a few more changes to the site recently that I wanted to draw to your attention as it involves freebies–always a good thing.

There is now a Free Fiction page in the top menu (up on the right, there, see?).

The page has any stories I’m currently offering for free, and also this month’s BookFunnel giveaways and promos, plus any other deals or discounts that might be happening.

I will attempt to keep the BF promos up to date, but if you’d prefer fresh news soonest, you can get the news as it breaks by signing up for my email list.

In other breaking news (sorry, couldn’t resist), Book 2 of the Magorian & Jones series is still in progress and on track for release in the next few weeks.


Don’t miss the free fiction and deals.
Check out the Free Fiction page for the latest promos.

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