Posts Will Slow Down For A While

The vast majority of my readers keep up with my news via the email list, so for a while I thought I would just let the blog sit where it was, with a run of interesting posts.

However, I’ve been to author sites where the last blog post was two years ago and got the sinking sensation that the author had quit the business and there were no more books to read, and nothing to find, so I went away disappointed.

That isn’t the case here.

If you are reading this post somewhere in the future, let me assure you that I am still writing up a storm, plus I send lots of emails out to my readers about releases and all that good stuff. I’ve just stopped blogging for a bit.

Mainly, I was forced to halt because writing interesting, researched posts about fiction and fantasy fiction in particular, is a time sink. Plus, there was no payback. No one ever left comments or engaged in a way that told me they appreciated the posts.

And this year in particular has been rough; I’m recovering from cancer (I’m in remission), and because I didn’t write books for nearly two years, my sales tanked, and readers disappeared (most of them — the hard-core loyal readers stayed…thank you!). I took on a hefty editing contract that takes up the majority of what used to be my writing time, just to pay the bills. And in the last month we’ve learned that my spouse has cancer, too. I’m now both patient and caregiver (and so are they!)

Something had to give, and one of those things that must be given up is blogging.

If you want to keep up with news about my new releases, etc., the best way to do that has always been to subscribe to my email list. Plus, you know, you get the free story, too. 🙂

Email is where news breaks first.

I will keep this site up to date, for everything but this blog. So do browse around and check out the book lists, etc.


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