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Tolkien’s Sources…

Authors can go to extraordinary lengths to build their fictional worlds.  They have travelled the world, and spent decades in research. James Cameron has gone where few men have gone before–in ocean depths that few have ever seen.  Based on his research he wrote The Abyss (one of my favourite movies ever) and Titanic. J.R.R. Tolkien invented […]

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Helping Authors Without Spending A Penny

Cory Doctorow is a science fiction writer who is also a political activist, with a lot to say about capitalism, most of it not nice. He does not mince words. Recently, he wrote a long post that is of relevance to both authors and readers. ‘How a billionaire’s mediocre pump-and-dump “book” became a “bestseller“‘ takes

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The First “International” Soccer Game

This one tickled my funny bone. Today, in 1872, the first international soccer match was held. It was a game between Scotland and England (which is technically an international game) in Scotland. There was a lot of grumbling about who got to play on which team, as both Scots and Englishmen had played for either

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THE ANGEL WHO WASN’T — even more fun stuff than usual

Because The Angel Who Wasn’t is novel length, I got to play around with different elements, focus a little on secondary characters, and other fun stuff, instead of getting straight into the story and telling it as succinctly as possible. Some of that fun stuff included introducing a new major secondary character. And one of

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First Chapter from THE ANGEL WHO WASN’T

We’re only two weeks away from the release of The Angel Who Wasn’t.  As usual, I’m providing the first chapter of the book…and this week, I really can provide the first full chapter! 1: A Visit from Dr. Michael Jones The tall man in the front passenger seat of the black Ford Explorer hadn’t spoken

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The Next Harley Firebird Tale Is A Novel!!

You bitched discussed, I listened. Although there was a large degree of self-interest in switching the Harley Firebird stories to novel length — writing novelettes is a lot harder than writing novels. 🙂 As I mentioned the other day, when I was talking about length, that I would give you a heads-up when The Angel

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A Change of Pace

I always write these posts a little way ahead of when they’ll be published on the site.  I’m writing this post the day after typing “The End” on the newest Harley Firebird story, and I’ve been reflecting on the experience. After six novelettes, book 7, The Angel Who Wasn’t, is a full length novel, which changes the

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The Cracking of Civilizations

  Today, in 1789, the peasants of Paris stormed the Bastille, triggering a major historical event, The French Revolution. The consequences and effects of the French Revolution can be tracked through history — the American Revolution and the United States’ Constitution were built upon the ideas and concepts that emerged from the Revolution. The idea

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