The First “International” Soccer Game

This one tickled my funny bone.

By William Ralston (1848-1911) – Scanned from the book Historia del Fútbol, Public Domain, Link

Today, in 1872, the first international soccer match was held. It was a game between Scotland and England (which is technically an international game) in Scotland.

There was a lot of grumbling about who got to play on which team, as both Scots and Englishmen had played for either country in less official games.

There are famous rivalaries. In my home province, the Calgary and Edmonton hockey teams have a historic enmity that often erupts into brawls between the players and the fans.

Plus, football (soccer) hooliganism is a frequent event at British games.

I can’t name any of my fantasy books that have included sports events, or the behaviour of the players or viewers, but I might have to think about that for future books.

There’s a rich history of events surrounding sports like soccer that, put into a fantasy setting, could be super interesting. And there is a perfect example in fiction: J.K. Rowling’s Quidditch, played in the Harry Potter books. But that’s children’s fantasy.

And adult version of something like this could be used in fastinating ways.

Have you seen any organized team sports in fantasy that isn’t Harry Potter? Let me know in comments, below, so that other readers can see your recommendations.


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