Details! Details!

Details! Details!

I got caught up with administrivia yesterday and didn’t get any work done on the book.

But today I did.  I’m still world building, which is kinda scary.  There’s an awful lot of detail building up.  Histories, characters, family trees, fantasy species and their interlocking relationships to each other.

It’s slowly moving over to the more book-focused plotting rather than series-focused world building.  One thing I’ve learned about the concept work and plotting for a new book and series is to relax and trust the process.  Eventually, the book comes together, and usually catches you by surprise when it does.  It’s like cooking custard.  You stir and stir until your wrist aches, but nothing happens.  Then in the last ten seconds, boom!  Custard!

We don’t have custard yet, but I think it’s close.

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