THE SHIELD OF FALCONER now available for pre-order

As you may have noticed on the front page of my site, the book I spoke about last week, The Shield of Falconer, is now available for pre-order.

Which means I have a description for the book, now, too. 🙂


Harley is paid to uphold the law in Falconer, which daily grows more difficult…

Harley, a firebird, and Falconer’s Chief of Police, must dash to the wilds of British Columbia to rescue Chaz from the control of the ruthless Old Ones cult and their powerful leader who holds him.  Harley wants to save Chaz for Noel, his now-dead big sister, who was good, kind and the perfect Falconer, even if she was hiding a few secrets.

Harley is forced to bring along unintended companions, to get them out of Falconer and danger. She learns that it wasn’t just Noel who has secrets. How can Harley uphold the law in a town that doesn’t cherish the law as she does?

And despite expert advice about the power of cults, the Falconers are not prepared for what they find deep in the fire-ravaged forests of B.C. …

The Shield of Falconer is part of the Harley Firebird contemporary fantasy series, which is set in the same fantasy world as Taylen Carver’s Magorian & Jones series.


The Shield of Falconer will be released on Stories Rule Press on November 23rd, and on all other retail stores on February 22, 2024. It is currently available for pre-order everywhere.

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