Halloween Fantasies

It’s Spooky season, and we’re only five days away from Halloween itself.

So I thought I’d research and bring to your attention some fantasy stories with Halloween as a theme. And shocker: Halloween fantasies are hard to find.

I finally tracked down a series of anthologies on Kobo. That I found them on Kobo is not a surprise to me–Kobo is very good at coming up with results that actually match your search terms, while Amazon, et al, tend to provide search results heavily weighted by what they want you to see, or that people have paid for you to see.

Halloween Carnival, anthologies 1 through to 5, have some good authors in them. If you love all things related to Spooky Season, check these out. (I don’t have any connection to these books, and this is not an affiliate link. I’m mentioning them simply because they’re the only Halloween related fantasy stories I could find.)

Perhaps I should write a Harley Firebird Halloween-themed novel… Progress on book 8, The Shield of Falconer, is proceeding, by the way.



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