More About the Urban Fantasy Genre, from Carrie Vaughn — NYT Best-Selling Urban Fantasy Author.

I’ve posted a couple of posts lately about urban fantasy versus contemporary fantasy (here and here) and got a ton of emails and messages from all of you, discussing how you see the genres, and what you think they are. 

All very interesting.

I’m a member of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association), and a fellow member, Carrie Vaughn, mentioned that traditional publishers are no longer interested in publishing urban fantasy.

That made me sit up and take notice.  Carrie Vaughn is an award-winning author.  Her urban fantasy series have hit the New York Times Best Seller list.

And she can’t sell her urban fantasy to New York.

I had a discussion with Carrie about this phenomenon, and she directed me to a post she wrote some years ago that covers the same ground.  You’ll find it here.   It’s eye-opening stuff, especially if you’re not keeping up with the vagaries of the traditional publishing industry (like me).


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