The Next Harley Firebird, and a hint about upcoming titles!

We’re onto book 3 in the Harley Firebird series, and as I write this, I’m about to roll up my sleeves and write book 4.  So far, I’m building in a lot of potential stories that I’ll have to pay off later…but that just makes a far more interesting story, in my opinion.  Lots of depth is goooood.

Harley is settling into her work as the Sherriff of Falconer, and just starting to find some of the compromises she will have to make between the law she once enforced as a human and the laws that the Old Races can live with, and that Harley can maintain as a Firebird, herself.

It’s not always an easy choice, or even an obvious one.

And while I’m looking at upcoming titles, I should also mention that in the not too distant future, I’ll also be buckling up to write Book 3 of the Magorian & Jones series, too.  But more about that at a another time–when I actually have something concrete to tell you about that particular tale.

In the meantime, The Shepherd of Fire was released this morning, on all retail stores, in ebook and print.

Yes, in print.

The print editions of the Harley Firebird books are interesting–almost collector items.  They look like the old style chapbooks (remember those?).

If you like print, you’ll love these.  Print editions are available via Amazon–for now.  It takes a while for the print editions to be distributed out to B&N and other retailers who also sell print.

But the ebook editions are available everywhere, including on SRP.

Harley knows Campbell von Havre is hiding something she won’t like.

Harley von Canmore is a firebird, one of the old races who are emerging across the globe.  She is also the Police Chief of the tiny town of Falconer, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.  Harley’s town is nearly all old race people, which creates challenges that she never faced as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer.  That includes dealing with Campbell von Havre, who works tirelessly to support the townsfolk.  He is a dragon, and her element’s superior to whom she, as a firebird, must obey.

When the grandson of the town’s doyen, Moira Falconer, is found in a hot tub and Campbell is connected to the death, Harley investigates the mystery surrounding Campbell.  But not everyone in Falconer wants Harley digging that deep and the reaction to her investigation is violent…

The Shepherd of Fire
is part of the Harley Firebird urban fantasy series of novelettes, which is set in the same world as Taylen Carver’s Magorian & Jones series.

1.0: The Dragon of Falconer
2.0: The Orc Who Cried
3.0: The Shepherd of Fire
…and more to come.

Urban Fantasy Novelette

Praise for Taylen Carver’s urban fantasy:

Plenty of exciting twists and turns.

Feel the tingling of danger, the aha’s of escaping death, and the excitement of magic

I loved this and will continue on with the series.

A very satisfying first book for a new series

blends the paranormal and the thriller/suspense you expect in a who done it crime story

Love the heroine

The story is filled with many interesting characters, and I’m sure throughout the series we will learn more about them and their new Sheriff and I can’t wait to read all about them.

Buy from me on SRP.

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