A Ton of Problems for Humans and the Old Races.

As I write this post (which is somewhere in your past, by the time you read it), I have just fi

nished plotting the

second book of the Magorian & Jones series, which took several days longer than I expected it to.

I suspect I’ll get faster at it as the series progresses, but there’s a lot of detail to set up for the first few books, so it takes longer.

Magorian and Dr. Jones have settled into their new lives…and are almost too settled, for their main antagonist is still out there, causing a ton of problems for humans and the old races alike.

I’ll sort out a blurb and a snippet for next week. I know I promised this week, but the snippet has not yet been written.  I start writing in the next few hours, though, so I’ll have something for sure next week.

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