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I’ve ventured off the map–for me, at least.  It took a lot of skull sweat and work, but I’ve set up a Patreon account.

I’ve been subscribed to other authors’ pages on Patreon for over a year, now, and I really like the sense of community and value I get from those pages.  One of them gives me access to a private Discord channel where I can hang out with the other freaks fans readers.

That’s part of why I had to work so hard to set this up.  I wanted to give that same value, too.

So, please check out my Patreon page.  If you’re also subscribed to other authors’ pages, and like the benefits they offer, feel free to tell me about them.  Hit reply or comment and include a link to that other authors’ page so I can see it, too.  If there’s a way I can offer the same benefit, I’ll include it.



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