Short Epic Fantasy… Come again?

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I first heard this term a few weeks ago on an author group, where they were discussing just that:  short epic fantasy.

At first, that seems like an oxymoron.  Epic fantasy is…well, epic.  As in long, big, sprawling.

No way can it be short.

Or…can it?

You tell me.  Have you ever read short fantasy fiction that was also epic?

Did you like it?  Would you read more of it?

Or did it not quite work for you?

If you’ve never read short epic fantasy, what do you think of the idea?

Feel free to name story titles and authors in your comments.  If you’re reading this on the site, just comment below.  If you’re reading this in an email, hit reply to respond privately, or click on the article’s title at the top of the email, to go to the post on the site and share your thoughts with everyone else.

I look forward to hearing your opinions, as I’m not as well versed in epic fantasy as I am with urban fantasy…except for Lord of the Rings, of course!


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