RIVERS RAN RED now available…but not the way you think

I’ve never been involved in a Kickstarter project before. I’ve sponsored many of them (oddly, Brandon Sanderson’s infamous mulit-million dollar campaign was not one of them), but never been part of the building of one.  It has been a very interesting experience.  I learned that there is a lot of work that goes into building the project that is never seen from the sponsor side of things.

For example, creating the various levels of sponsorship.  It looks pretty simple when you’re browsing and figuring out which goodies you want, and if you like the price.  But devising those levels, and trying to make sure everyone finds a choice they like…that’s some serious skull sweat.

The project opened this morning, and if you signed up to be informed when it went live, you should have been notified by now

The project has some interesting bonuses.  One of the nicer perks is that no matter what level of sponsorship you chose, you will receive a copy of the bonus short story, The Wizard Must Be Stopped!.

And if you’ve never read any of the books in the Magorian and Jones series, you can pick up all three previous novels. There are also levels there that give you just one of the past three books, so if you’re missing a book, you can fill the gap.

To check out the project and the bonuses, head here to Kickstarter.

The campaign runs until December 27th, when it wraps up and all remaining bonuses are distributed, along with the copies of The Rivers Ran Red.


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