And I’ve Been Funded!!

I’m super chuffed, everyone.  The Kickstarter project for the release of The Rivers Ran Red has fully funded!  And in just 6 days!!

For a first Kickstarter project, this is amazing. Thank you to everyone who has already sponsored the project.  You can be assured now that you will get your books and bonuses.

If you’re still wavering on whether you want to sponsor the project or not, you’ve still got time.  The project will run until Dcember 27th.  You can sponsor the project at any time before then.

But after that, The Rivers Ran Red will be put up for pre-order on the retail book stores and you won’t be able to get a copy of the book until it is released in March next year.

Check out the Kickstarter project here, and browse to select which package you’d like to sponsor.

And thank you once again to everyone who has already jumped aboard.


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