And I’m Really Starting To Roll, Now.

I’m writing this post a little bit ahead of time, and today (when I write this), I just starting plotting out the next book in the Magorian & Jones series.  Book title is (currently — and remember that everything might yet change):  The Triumph of Felix.

If this is your first time on the site and you have no idea what I’m talking about (and to be fair, there’s a high probability this is so, as the first book in the series hasn’t been released yet), then you can check out the series itself here and the first book of the series, The Memory of Water, here.

And while you’re cruising the site for the first time, don’t miss the free story here.

Because I’m working somewhat ahead, by the time you read this post, it’s entirely possible that I’ve already finished the plot and I’ve started writing the book.

In which case, next post, I’ll add a snippet from the first few pages.

So watch this space.

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