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In two week’s time, The Wizard Must be Stopped will be released on Stories Rule Press.  If you backed The Rivers Ran Red Kickstarter campaign, then you would have received a copy as part of the bonus goodies from that campaign.

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And if you didn’t back the campaign, here’s a short excerpt from the story, for you to consider.

Navin Kiraly was the son of Ukrainian immigrants, a billionaire property developer and media magnate. Clearly, being a billionaire meant very little these days, for Magorian had never heard of the man until he’d answered his phone call yesterday morning.

“They say you know how to create magic, Mr. Magorian,” Kiraly had said, after introducing himself.

Magorian opened his mouth to amend the man’s impression and swing into the spiel he used for nervous potential clients, but Kiraly wasn’t finished.

“I don’t believe in hocus pocus,” he continued, “and all the nonsense the world is spouting these days about people turning into creatures with powers. It’s comic book crap in my estimation. But you come highly recommended.”

Magorian opened his mouth again. Nothing occurred to him that he could speak aloud, so he shut it. Had the man never seen an Old One? Was he so insulated from the desperate times gripping the rest of the world that he could dismiss any mention of them as the nutty theories of conspiracists?

Then a question he could ask came to him. “Highly recommended to do what?”

“I have a problem with a building I own, here in New York. We’ve had engineers and city officials, plumbers and builders look it over and they’re stumped. One of my assistants suggested you might be able to do something about it.”

“What is the problem with the building?”

Kiraly hesitated. “The same assistant who gave me your name said a poltergeist was loose in the building.”

Magorian squeezed the bridge of his nose. “Poltergeists are myths, Mr. Kiraly. So are haunting’s. I don’t do exorcisms or banishment’s. You need to speak to a priest for that. I am a wizard.” And because Kiraly was clearly uncomfortable with the language of a wizard, he added bluntly, “I cast spells and use magic.”

“I did consult a priest,” Kiraly said flatly. “He told me restless spirits were not the issue. Which brings me back to you.” His tone became even drier. “And your magic.”

“You’ve covered a lot of ground.”

“It’s been three days since the…things started happening. We’ve had to move the tenants into hotels. Do you have any idea how much it is costing me each day? How much it will cost me, bottom line, if you can’t fix this? I won’t be able to sell the building. I won’t be able to find tenants. The building will be worthless. And I paid a lot of money to acquire it.”

“I really don’t think I can help you, Mr. Kiraly.” Magorian injected diplomatic warmth into his tone.

“I’ll pay you three hundred thousand US dollars to get on the British Airways flight leaving Madrid at ten tonight, your time, and come to New York to fix this.”

Magorian, the world’s first modern wizard, tackles a wayward entity in New York.

Magorian is offered a small fortune by billionaire property owner and media magnate, Navin Kiraly, to deal with a New York apartment building turned feral.

The apartment building Magorian investigates shows every sign of being haunted, with strange phenomena turning it into a potential death trap. This is way outside Magorian’s field of expertise, but he must solve the riddles the building presents or be publicly declared a phony by Kiraly’s media empire….

The Wizard Must Be Stopped! is part of the urban fantasy series, Magorian & Jones, by Taylen Carver. It is only available here, on Stories Rule Press.

The Magorian & Jones series:
1.0: The Memory of Water
2.0: The Triumph of Felix
3.0: The Shield of Agrona
3.5: The Wizard Must Be Stopped
4.0: The Rivers Ran Red
5.0: The Divine and Deadly
…and more to come.

Urban Fantasy Novel

The Wizard Must Be Stopped will not be released on the general retailers.  It is a Stories Rule Press exclusive.

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