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I personally love binge reading, especially if I can do the reading in long sessions — a few hours or more.  If the story is good, then I emerge from that reading feeling like I’ve been away from the real world, and maybe a touch drunk with the immersion into the story world (although, as I am allergic to alcohol, that’s pure speculation on my part).

Today sees the release of the Harley Firebird Files, the first collection in the Harley Firebird series, which includes the first five stories.  If you enjoy binge reading yourself, this collection will let you do that.


The first five Harley Firebird urban fantasy novelettes.

Harley von Canmore is a firebird–a rare breed, even among the Old Races.  She is also the Chief of Police of Falconer, a tiny town in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.  Falconer is different, just as Harley is.  Everyone in the town is either one of the Old Races—orcs, fae, salamanders, and more—or they are human and waiting for their time to transform.

Follow Harley’s progress from reluctant Old One and newcomer to Falconer, who is stuck in the old way of keeping the peace, through to her emergence as a unique law-keeper, with a very human side to her firebird personality.

Harley Firebird Files is the first collection in the Harley Firebird urban fantasy series, and includes the first five novelettes.  The Harley Firebird series is set in the same world as Taylen Carver’s Magorian & Jones series.

The Harley Firebird series:
1.0: The Dragon of Falconer
2.0: The Orc Who Cried
3.0: The Shepherd of Fire
4.0: The Mad Folk of Falconer
5.0: The Badge of Our Tribe
5.5: Harley Firebird Files
6.0: The Firebird’s Regret
…and more to come.

Urban Fantasy Novelette




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