TOUCHED BY FAELIGHT now a standalone story!

Last year, I participated in the UF anthology Street Magic (which is still available here, and there’s some damn fine story-telling in it, too!)

My story in the anthology was “Touched by Faelight”.

Now I have the rights back to the story, I’ve published it as a standalone story and it’s now available for pre-order.

A new enemy of the Fae threatens two mere humans…

In contemporary Istanbul, a long, drawn-out civil war between Imperial Fae on the Asian side of the Bosphorus and an alliance of Fae occupying the ancient city has ground down the human occupants for ten long years.

Nikol—human, orphan and a Greek in a city of Turks—is touched by disturbingly magical abilities of her own. The humans in the city treat her with suspicion. Yet she is valuable to the human resistance and beloved by the resistance’s greatest spy among the Fae. Arda Sokol is terrified the Fae will learn of Nikol’s abilities, and his effort to protect her strains their relationship–until they must work together to defeat a new threat to the Fae, and he learns she is not weak at all…

“Touched by Faelight” is a short story by urban fantasy author Taylen Carver, originally included in the Street Magic urban fantasy anthology from Camden Park Press, and now published as a standalone.

Urban Fantasy Short Story

The story will be released on June 16th–which is only two months away!  And someone pointed out to me the other day that there is only 38 weeks until Christmas, too.  Once, I thought a year was a long time….

If you pre-order directly from me on SRP, you get your copy a week before anyone else, on June 9th.



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