THE WIZARD MUST BE STOPPED! Is now available everywhere

A quick note to let you know that The Wizard Must Be Stopped!, which is part of the Magorian & Jones contemporary fantasy series, is now available on all retail stores, everywhere.

Magorian, the world’s first modern wizard, tackles a wayward entity in New York.

Magorian is offered a small fortune by billionaire property owner and media magnate, Navin Kiraly, to deal with a New York apartment building turned feral.

The apartment building Magorian investigates shows every sign of being haunted, with strange phenomena turning it into a potential death trap. This is way outside Magorian’s field of expertise, but he must solve the riddles the building presents or be publicly declared a phony by Kiraly’s media empire….

The Wizard Must Be Stopped! is part of the urban fantasy series, Magorian & Jones, by Taylen Carver. It is only available here, on Stories Rule Press.

The Magorian & Jones series:
1.0: The Memory of Water
2.0: The Triumph of Felix
3.0: The Shield of Agrona
3.5: The Wizard Must Be Stopped
4.0: The Rivers Ran Red
5.0: The Divine and Deadly
…and more to come.

Urban Fantasy Novel

Buy from Me at SRP!

There are reader reviews on the SRP site, as the book was released earlier there.  Check out the reviews here.

From the SRP page, you can click through to your preferred retail store–or just buy a copy directly from me, while you’re there.

Or head straight to your preferred store now.



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