The Shield of Falconer is Now Out Everywhere!

It’s release day for The Shield of Falconer, the last book in the Harley Firebird series.

I’m sad to see this one wrap up, as I explained a few weeks ago, but on the other hand, I’m really looking forward to the spin-off series that will emerge from both this series and Magorian and Jones, which has also wrapped up.

But in the meantime, you can find out how Harley and her friends in Falconer, Alberta, resolve their issues while also taking care of the last wishes of an old friend.


Harley is paid to uphold the law in Falconer, which daily grows more difficult…

Harley, a firebird, and Falconer’s Chief of Police, must dash to the wilds of British Columbia to rescue Chaz from the control of the ruthless Old Ones cult and their powerful leader who holds him.  Harley wants to save Chaz for Noel, his now-dead big sister, who was good, kind and the perfect Falconer, even if she was hiding a few secrets.

Harley is forced to bring along unintended companions, to get them out of Falconer and danger. She learns that it wasn’t just Noel who has secrets. How can Harley uphold the law in a town that doesn’t cherish the law as she does?

And despite expert advice about the power of cults, the Falconers are not prepared for what they find deep in the fire-ravaged forests of B.C. …


Early praise for The Shield of Falconer:

If this was a TV episode, it is the one they saved up the special effects budget for. Taylen’s not satisfied to leave it there though – this book hits with a big emotional bang too.

Some seriously eye-opening and shocking moments for Harley and reader alike

Taylen Carver deftly makes very valid points about current issues in the world.

The whole world of this universe has been traumatized like crazy, much like the real world.

Leaves the reader on edge from start to finish.

Like every exceptional hero the main characters, and none more than Harley, struggle with the concept of right and wrong and the inevitable conclusion that there are many shades of grey between black and white.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this book

This is a vastly entertaining story, and an unexpectedly deep one.  It is far more than the usual paranormal novel, and I highly recommend it.



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