Free Space Opera from Cameron Cooper, if you’re interested!

Cameron Cooper is one of the writers on Stories Rule Press, and has a deal happening for the next week that I thought I would share with you. 

Cam writes mostly non-romance space opera.

The first book of Cam’s flagship Imperial Hammer space opera series, Hammer and Crucible, came fourth in Hugh Howey’s Self-Published Science Fiction contest this year, out of 300 curated and hand-picked titles that were allowed into the contest. 

So it’s a great book by any standards.  🙂

If you like fun, upbeat space opera with a kick-ass heroine of a certain age, and a happy ending, check the book out.  It will be free only until January 3rd. 

You can pick up a copy on Stories Rule Press here.

Or you can grab a copy at your preferred bookstore here.


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