Hooked Ever Since.

Most of you by now are probably aware that I was hit between the eyes by The Lord of the Rings at a very young age, which was my first exposure to classic fantasy. However. Only a few months later, I discovered The Dark is Rising, by Susan Cooper. It is the second book in […]

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Hooked on Classics

Why did I become a writer?  The short answer:  Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Which is a pretty cliched reason for a speculative fiction author, but it’s utterly true.  Here’s the twist, though:  I was introduced to both story worlds in the same six month period. Phew! It was a watershed year, for

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Are Your Amazon Reviews Being Deleted? Here’s Some Reasons Why (and what to do about it)

Have you noticed that some or <gulp> most of the reviews you’ve written are being deleted by Amazon, lately? Yeah, it’s a big club. Some history. First, a bit of history about Amazon reviews, so you can understand why Amazon are doing what they’re doing. Amazon have always had a “review policy” that determined what was an appropriate

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Summer Solstice

The exact moment this post published was the northern hemisphere’s 2020 Summer Solstice (and the winter solstice for everyone down-under). Tarot cards, pagan festivals, and the ancient cultures all celebrated the summer solstice. It’s thought that Stonehenge may have been built expressly to mark the summer solstice–which was generations worth of effort for the changing

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Magical Rivers

Today is Canadian Rivers Day, and as water features heavily in book 1 of the Magorian & Jones series, The Memory of Water, and I’m sitting north of the 48th parallel, I feel I can’t let the day go by without a mention of rivers in general and Canadian rivers in particular. Quite apart from

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