Elemental Gods

Although I’m not sure if I’ll include divine magic in the first book, I may bring it in later.  Today I spent my writing time building a pantheon of gods to match the species that will populate the book.  As I’ve divided the magic into the four Druid elements, I also divided the species into […]

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Elemental Magic

I’ve finished building the broad outlines of the magic system for the series.  It is a magic system built upon the Druidic elements; Fire, Water, Earth and Air…and I am leaning toward the Tarot as a guiding structure, as it dovetails neatly into Druid lore.  Especially the DruidCraft Tarot, which is the deck I tend

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Alchemy Rules

More work on the magic system of the new series, today.  Lots of reading. I find it interesting how the same themes run through magic systems, paganism, alchemy and science. Yes, science. Alchemy was once practiced side-by-side with early scientific principles and experimentation, until scientists “learned better” and parted ways with the mystical chemists. Only, it

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World Building

I’m in the very (very!) early stages of world building at the moment, so decisions are flying like confetti and what I think is a confirmed and locked-in decision today may end up changing by the time I’ve finished building the plot for the first book. But for right now, I’m pretty sure the first

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