The Lord of the Rings

The Duality of Magic Systems in Fantasy: Hard vs. Soft Magic

Magic systems in fantasy often fall into two distinct categories: hard magic and soft magic. Each offers unique storytelling opportunities, although readers tend to gravitate towards one or the other. What is the allure of each? I know I lean heavily toward hard magic, myself.  Magic as technology has a strong appeal for me.  The […]

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Competence Porn in Fantasy

I’ve only recently become aware of a trope in fiction that I have long enjoyed without knowing it was a thing. I absolutely love Competence Porn. And I like it in more than just the novels I read.  I often find myself on YouTube, watching diverse people complete projects like cleaning up overgrown yards, building

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What’s Your Story?

Tolkien was brilliant at backstory.  Scratch the surface of any of his characters in The Lord of the Rings, and you can’t help but unearth an interesting, unique life story.  Sometimes those stories actually played out in the books themselves.  Sometimes they were only hinted at, but you could glimpse them and couldn’t help but be

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